Friday, January 25, 2013

Week 4

This week began pleasantly, because we got a new member to join our Monday discussion group. She seemed to fit right in, and participated eagerly in the discussion. That was nice! Accommodation is a topic everyone certainly has some personal experience about, and that is probably why people had a lot to say about it. Although people didn't necessarily know all the appropriate words all the time, the discussions didn't end or suddenly wither away. We went through some words and phrases together, and many people actually said that they learnt a lot of useful vocabulary this week. Also it seems to be an insurmountable fact that there is something inconvenient or uncomfortable or infuriating or just plain awful in every home! You see, everyone knew instantly what they would change in their homes if they could when I asked them about it! And in all honesty, I must say that although I'm otherwise very pleased with my home, I would definitely make our kitchen bigger if I had a magic wand.. The kitchen is otherwise functional and renovated to suit my taste, but a few extra square metres wouldn't hurt at all.

On Thursday we started comparing different proverbs in English and Finnish. Some of them are exactly the same in these two langauges, but there are some that are quite difficult to translate for instance from English into Finnish. It is also interesting to detect how things are expressed in different languages. For instance, animals used in proverbs seem to vary from language to another, like in the proverb "to kill two birds with one stone" and "tappaa kaksi kärpästä yhdellä iskulla". In English they have birds, we've got flies.

We're going to talk about proverbs on Monday and Tuesday, but quite honestly, I don't have the foggiest of what the topic on Thursday will be! I have some ideas but nothing definite. Luckily, I still have almost a week to come up with a suitable topic for the lessons.

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