Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 2; the first full week after the Christmas break

Teaching began again this week after being on a Christmas break for about a month. It was nice to see my students again, and we had interesting discussions in the groups. On Monday and Thursday we had a bit of a shortage of participants; I wonder if lots of people were sick..? I heard a newsflash on the radio saying that we have epidemics of both influenza and the noro -virus going around the country. I had the noro -virus last winter, and it was absolutely horrid! The virus made me so weak that I fainted on two separate occasions on my way to the bathroom! Now I have been trying to be extra careful with germs and have continuously been washing my hands (and forcing others to do it, too).

Anyhow, this week we discussed important events that took place in 2012, and in all of the groups we also talked about what we had done and where we had been around Christmas and New Year. On Tuesday and Thursday we also started to familiarize ourselves with vocabulary concerning accommodation, and people described their homes to one another. The idea is to continue with this topic next week a bit further. Today I had a phone call from a lady who said that she would like to join our Monday discussion group. I said that she is very welcome, and so we agreed that she will start attending the classes next Monday! It's always nice to get more people involved, and it's a proven fact that active people who take an interest in many things live much longer than their passive fellow creatures!

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