Friday, May 16, 2014

A new telephone!

My previous telephone broke down, which meant that I had to get a new one. Buying a new telephone is a serious matter; you'll have to consider all the possible options well before making a decision. Why? Because your phone is your constant companion these days, and if you're stuck with a model you don't like, it makes your everyday life a lot more difficult every day.

For instance, if the logic of different functions in your new phone is incomprehensible to you, it's nerve wrecking to always face the same problem: Where do I find..? How do I ..? In comparison, if all the functions and applications you need are easily found and used, your life with your phone is easy, effortless, comfortable. Especially people like me (who are not particularly fond of technology, we just want gadgets to work!) can't stand situations where we have to spend time and, through trial and error, find the means to use the alarm clock, delete a name from your address book, add a new application, find a good ringtone etc.

This story has a happy end. I was able to find a new phone that seems to meet all my demands, and is understandable to me. It's also good-looking, the size is suitable for me, and it wasn't terribly expensive either. I've had this new phone for a couple of weeks now, and I can say that I'm compeletely satisfied. I have a feeling that this will be "the beginning of a beautiful friendship"....