Thursday, December 01, 2016

Väärin urheiltu

This time the heading is in Finnish, because it is an adaptation of a Finnish saying "väärin sammutettu". Translated literally, it means "fire put out the wrong way". In Finland we use this phrase when we refer to things or situations where someone has done exactly the right thing as such, but where somebody else is criticizing the way it was done. The heading refers to a situation where working out has been done the wrong way. Is that even possible? Yes, it seems so.                                

You see, I got the idea for this posting after reading a blog posting of a personal trainer who shared her thoughts of working out and people who work out. I felt like posting her a comment or two right away, but then, after taking a deep breath and counting to ten, I didn't.  Since I still feel a bit bothered and annoyed about the text a few days later, I'll write some of my thoughts here.

In this blog this particular personal trainer perhaps wanted to point out that a healthy, muscular type of (female body) is better than too skinny, but if this was meant to be the main message, it was not conveyed very well. You see, she wrote that women who go jogging know nothing of nutrition or what makes a woman attractive. That's because if they did, they would not go jogging, they would go to the gym! And -get this- the most important reason for going to the gym is not to stay healthy or anything futile like that; it's getting a beautiful, round ass!

Okkaayy.... So, it does not matter if somebody prefers running or swimming or badminton to going to the gym; the gym is automatically the way to go for everyone..?

And what if a woman likes jogging or running, has a flat ass and still is perfectly happy with herself, does she still have to change her ways and start going to the gym so that she could become more attractive to men..? According to this blogger, yes she does. And isn't it possible for a woman to be attractive without a huge, muscular bottom? According to her, no it isn't.  And one more question: What is in the heart of doing sports; feeling good, staying healthy, or looking good? According to our dear blogger, the answer is looking good.

I don't know about you, but somehow I feel that these kinds of blog postings don't do much good for women, even though this blogger wanted to educate us into realizing that thin women are not beautiful. I felt that her main idea was to make also slim women feel bad about themselves; this same has been done to overweight women a long time ago. According to her, only muscular women with tight asses will do.

Why is it so hard to accept that we all (women as well as men) come in different shapes and sizes, and as long as you are healthy and exercise in whatever way, that should be enough for everyone?

So, I'm not sure if this blogger is a bad writer or just stupid -or maybe both- but at least for my part I'm gonna continue jogging no matter what anybody says, and if someone has a problem with my ass, they can close their eyes or turn away!