Thursday, August 23, 2012

Enrollment began; excited!

This is my first full year working in the Sisä-Savo Adult Education Services, and my first autumn term. I was very excited about the opening of the enrollment in the courses on Monday and Tuesday. It is interesting to see what kind of courses people are interested in and sign up for. I have been responsible for many types of courses, like languages, ADP (= automatic data processing, ATK), home economics (=kotitalous), gardening courses and I also plan and organize some events.

When I came to work on Tuesday, I went straight to see what the enrollment situation looked like. Would anyone want to come to my courses? Would people be interested in the gardening courses I planned? How about the new ADP courses? Are there enough places for people in the most popular courses? Am I able to help people who want to enroll in the courses over the phone? Those were the thoughts in my head on Tuesday morning.

Well, how was it?

I was relieved to see that mostly everything was fine. Some courses were filled already on Tuesday, but fortunately we were able to offer alternative courses for most people. There are people also in my courses (yippee!), and there seem to be people who are interested in coming to different kinds of new courses. Of course, there are courses with no or just a few people in them, but luckily the enrollment has just begun. We'll still have almost a few weeks before we can tell which courses will have to be cancelled. Cancelling is never nice, but it is a fact that every term a certain amount of courses just won't start. It happens in every adult education centre.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What is this blog about?

This is a blog written by Minna Rönkkö, who works as an English teacher in the Sisä-Savo Adult Education Services. The texts in this blog are in English, so the students can practise their English skills while reading them.

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