Friday, January 04, 2013

Back to work!

I got back to work on Wednesday the 2nd January. Some time off did me goog, and I feel enthusiastic about coming back to work again.

This week I didn't have any teaching, but I focused on administrative duties of different kind, and was able to tick many things off of my 'to do' -list. Teaching will start again next week, and on Monday we will talk about some important events that took place in 2012. On Tuesday and Thursday we will discuss different forms of accommodation and compare our living and housing arrangements.

A new year, new tricks. Yes, today I got a new phone to be used at work, and I have a feeling that it will take some time for me to learn how to use it.. Provably, I was able to answer the phone when it rang, and I was also able to select a new ringtone better suited to my taste, but I think it might take a while before I can send e-mail and attachements with this new gadget, or use the bluetooth smoothly or... Hopefully we will become friends, my new phone and I. You see, I've had experiences of electronic devices that have had the same logic as I do and I have had absolutely no problems with them, and then I've had some appliances (phones, digiboxes etc.) that I've never learnt to use properly. That's why I feel that certain electronic devices seem like friends; they really seem to understand me and we get on with each other. Just like real friends, they may have some infuriating qualities but for the most part the coexistance is nice and smooth. Why can't all technical appliances be like that?!

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