Friday, November 02, 2012

Week 44

It's been quite a week! On Monday I had to be off work because my daughter was ill. On Tuesday and Wednesday I was at work ('business as usual'), but on Wednesday evening I hopped on a train and went to Helsinki. The reason for that was that I went to a two-day seminar that had to do with Suomenlinna both as a tourist site and as a World Heritage Site. Our adult education centre is a so-called 'UNESCO-school', which means that we have for instance lectures on different Finnish UNESCO-sites and arrange visits to them. Next April we will have lectures on Suomenlinna in all of the four municipalities in our adult education centre (Suonenjoki, Rautalampi, Vesanto and Tervo), and some time in the late spring/early summer we are going to have a cultural trip to Helsinki. The planning of this visit has only just begun, but the idea is that there will be a visit to Suomenlinna and also to some other cultural events or places (museums etc.). I think I got some very good ideas for the upcoming trip from this seminar!

The topics for the discussion groups will vary a bit between different groups next week. With the Monday group we will continue to talk about appearances, and like I wrote before; we will not be talking only about the appearances of different people. On Tuesday we will be having a juke box jury (=levyraati). The presidential elections will be held on Tuesday the 6th November, and that is the topic we will be discussing with the Thursday group. The Monday and Tuesday groups will have this same discussion topic in the following week.