Sunday, October 28, 2012

Week 43

This week we talked about physical appearance(s) and did excercises concerning that topic. I have a feeling that the women in the discussion groups found the topic interesting and had a lot to say about it, whereas the men had pretty brief discussions on the matter. Some useful exercises were left unused, and that is why I decided to continue with this topic also in our next sessions. However, I extended the topic a bit further in the sense that next time we will not be talking only about the appearance of different people but also something that men hopefully find a bit more interesting...

I usually update this blog on Fridays. Now I'm writing this on Sunday evening, because my weekend has been a bit different from what it usually is. First of all, on Friday I didn't have time to write anything on my blog because we had special programme at work concerning well-being at work ("tyhy"), and now my little daughter has fallen ill. That is why I, unfortunately, won't be able to go to work tomorrow; I'll stay at home to take care of our daughter. On Tuesday I will probably be back to work; then it's my husband's turn to stay at home and nurse our little girl. It would be great if she was healthy on Wednesday because they will be having a costume party in her kindergarten, and we already have a dress for her. She wants to dress up as a fairy. Hopefully some TLC (tender loving care) will do the trick, and she'll be able to join the party!