Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mutual understanding

We had our autumn break a few weeks ago, and my family and I travelled to Legoland, Denmark. Our kids were immensely enthusiastic about the whole thing; their first flight was an exciting adventure, and naturally the destination itself was basically heaven on earth for them both!

A pretty scary Lego-pirate. ARRGGHH!

Surprisingly lifelike lions!
The weather was not terribly good, but we didn't mind; there was so much so see and do in Legoland. There were Lego-figures of all shapes and sizes, and there are actually a lot of activities there as well, since Legoland is actually an amusement park nowadays. Some of the water slides etc. were closed (quite understandable in October), but still we had no problem in finding enough to see and do while we were there!

Mount Rushmore; the real thing or...?

Mexican style!
We stayed at Hotel Legoland, which is right next to Legoland. It was interesting to see how children from very different countries all had similar interests: they all loved to play with legoes and build all kinds of constructions. It was endearing to watch children gather around a large container filled with legoes and try to make the images in their heads into real Lego-constructions. The children didn't have a common language, but they seemed to understand each other surprisingly well. If someone was going through the legoes trying to find a particular piece, someone else might realize what that person was looking for and hand over exactly that kind of piece! That showed me that children are very much the same regardless of where they come from, and they somehow have this mutual understanding that doesn't even require the use of words! I suppose us adults should follow their example and try to understand each other better. My guess is we would succeed if we tried a bit harder.

Elephants in the wild in Denmark?!

Which one of the gorgeous girls is real...?

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