Friday, March 15, 2013

Week 11; March well on the way

This week we got back from our winter holiday and continued "business as usual".

On Monday we watched short clips from different films and discussed them. It is always interesting to hear people's opinions about these kinds of things, and although there is no accounting for tastes, we actually agreed on quite a few things in our discussion. We were all amazed how Chaplin was able to make Gold Rush using the technique of the 1920s (the cabin really seems to be swinging back and forth!), and we also agreed that certain actors and actresses seem to be able to 'become' the character they are playing (take Daniel Day-Lewis or Meryl Streep, for instance).

On Tuesday and Thursday we could not watch film clips because -unfortunately- we don't have a proper DVD player in our classroom in Suonenjoki. That's why we did exercises using different kinds of cards (played Alias etc), and talked about general things. Next week, on Tuesday the 19th March, we will celebrate Minna Canth's Day, and I have prepared some material around that topic.

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