Friday, November 09, 2012

Week 45

This week we actually had different topics for all of my conversation groups. On Monday we talked about appearances, and like I promised, not just about the appearances of people. The majority of people on the Monday discussion group are men, so I thought it might be interesting for them to talk about cars as well as people! I suppose I was right; there seemed to be a lot of discussion about different makes and models, and pros and cons of different kind of cars. Quite interestingly, the men also all agreed that their first choice for a beautiful and elegant car would be an Aston Martin, not for instance an Audi, a BMW or even a Jaguar. Maybe Aston Martins possess such subtle elegance that it is just impossible to resist..? Although it has to be said that personally I also think Jaguars (for instance the S-type) or Rovers are also extremely beautiful cars, but there is no accounting for tastes! And of course, an old Aston Martin DB5 is just simply a dish, isn't she?

On Tuedsay we had a juke box jury, which was nice. The people in the group brought extremely beautiful music with them, and the time seemed to fly by really fast! We also had versatile opinions and fruitful discussions about the songs, and we agreed that this will be done again some time during the spring term!

On Thursday the topic was the presidential elections in the USA, and we had texts and discussion about this topic. The outcome of the election was evident already on Thursday, so we were also able to talk about the things we assume Obama will concentrate on during his second term. Next week we will talk about this topic with the Monday and Tuesday groups as well.