Friday, March 21, 2014

Shopping online

I like new clothes, shoes and jewellery as much as the next girl, but I can't stand going shopping. I hate going to the shops, because when I go shopping I usually end up feeling tired, hot, hungry and upset after spending an entire day running from one place to the next feeling tired, hot and hungry, queueing to fitting rooms and finding out that I didn't find anything useful after all. Besides, the mirrors and lights in the fitting rooms make you look absolutely dreadful! Anyone I've ever talked to say the same thing: when you're in the fitting room looking yourself in the mirror, you feel so depressed and shocked ("Is this really what I look like?!")  that you wouldn't want to show your face anywhere in public again! At least for me this kind of feeling doesn't inspire buying more clothes. Quite the opposite; it just makes me feel like quitting shopping and going home.

Online shopping is definitely for me. I like to leaf through brochures or surf on the Internet, and then place my order in the comfort of my own home. Also waiting for the package to arrive is a nice thrill, and I find it nice that I can try on new clothes at home. I've also purchased other things via the Internet than just clothes; tickets to concerts and to the cinema, jewellery, bed clothes, tablewear, carpets, curtains, and even cloth diapers for the kids when they were smaller. Just a few weeks ago I bought tickets to the Sagrada Família in advance, and it's good that I did! The queues outside La Sagrada Família were enormous, and had we not had tickets, it would have taken us many hours to get inside the church. Now it took for about twenty minutes to get through the gates, thanks to the ticktes I had bought online.

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