Monday, September 17, 2012

Conversation groups; first meetings

Our autumn semester began, and I met my new English groups for the first time. All in all, last week was exciting and interesting. I met a lot of new people and I'm trying to learn loads of new names and faces! The people in my groups seem nice, and I think we are going to have nice semesters together!

The main topic in our first sessions was, quite logically, introductions. The main focus was to get the students to talk in English again, because some people have had a long pause since they've used the English language. Another aim was to to get to know and learn new things about each other. That was done with the help of picture cards. There were different activities with the cards, such as picking a card that reminded the students of themselves, or picking a card of something they liked or disliked. We had interesting conversations, and really did learn a lot about each other. Someone is afraid of cats and somebody else loves them, somebody hates football, someone thinks he or she is like Donald Duck or a rhino, and there are some of us who just cannot stand winter and slippery roads!

The topic in our next lessons will be travelling.